AMD Duron 850: Getting ready for the battle

Last year we were all witness to very intense competition between AMD and Intel. However, most of this competition occurred on the performance PC and mainstream market segments, leaving the value market to be dominated by Intel. We have already explained the reasons behind the Celeron’s continued success in spite of the Duron’s performance superiority […]

AMD’s Athlon XP 2100+ The Last of the Palominos

With all of the excitement surrounding AMD’s first demonstration of functional ClawHammer silicon, who wants to talk about the Athlon XP anymore? Although the next-generation Athlon processor is already up and running two OSes it is far from complete. There are many more revisions the silicon must go through (it’s not 100% functional yet and […]

SiS755 Reference Board: Athlon64 from SiS

The launch of Athlon 64 has brought us 2 chipsets thus far: the nVidia nForce3 150 and VIA K8T800. As we have discussed in reviews of boards based on these chipsets, neither one really meets the specifications that we would like to see in Athlon 64 chipsets. While VIA performs at the specified 800 Hyper […]

AMD Athlon 64 FX-57: The Fastest Single Core

Introduction AMD is increasing the speed of their highest performing CPU today. The Athlon FX-57 is a 200MHz bump from the current FX-55, brining the clock speed of the highest performing single core CPU on the market to 2.8GHz. This modest 7.7% increase is not the be all, end all of speed bumps, but AMD […]

AMD AM2: More than just a Memory Change

AMD AM2: More than just a Memory Change The new AMD technology refresh, now called AM2, will bring DDR2 memory to the Athlon64 on-processor memory controller. Many in the industry have speculated about the impact of this low latency memory controller on DDR2 performance, which to this point has suffered under the impact of the […]

Intel X38: Overclocking Update

The launch of the Intel X38 Express chipset occurred two weeks ago amidst a lot of early hype about its potential and performance improvements over previous chipsets. The X38 chipset is finally starting to show some promise after several BIOS releases over the past two weeks on the first retail boards ASUS and Gigabyte. However, […]