Intel Announces Q3 2017 Results

As another quarterly earnings period continues, cpu intel has announced its earnings for the third quarter of their 2017 fiscal year. Due the slowing of the PC market, Intel has begun its transition to a “Data-Centric Business” which will embrace more than just CPUs. The results have already begun to pay off, which isn’t surprising […]

Synology DS1815+ 8-bay Intel Rangeley SMB NAS Review

Introduction and Testbed Setup intel xeon e3 1200 v3 Synology started the roll-out of their SMB-targeted NAS units based on Intel’s latest Atom platform (Rangeley) in September 2014. We have already looked at the 4-bay DS415+ in detail. Today, the 5-bay DS1515+ and 8-bay DS1815+ versions are being officially launched. As a recap, the Rangeley-based […]

Western Digital My Cloud DL4100 Business NAS Review

Introduction and Testbed Setup Western Digital is a comparatively recent entrant to the fast-growing NAS market. Despite having had a Windows Storage Server-based product for business users for some time now, a custom embedded-Linux based SMB-targeted model was lacking. Avoiding Windows in the NAS helps bring down the cost of the unit and also makes […]

Intel’s 820 Chipset – Performance using SDRAM

As a chipset, the Intel’s 820 solution isn’t a bad one at all. No major compatibility problems are caused because of the chipset, Intel has already released the major INF updates and patches for the popular OSes so that they will support the new chipset, and with the driver support, reliability, and performance we’re used […]

AMD Duron 850: Getting ready for the battle

Last year we were all witness to very intense competition between AMD and Intel. However, most of this competition occurred on the performance PC and mainstream market segments, leaving the value market to be dominated by Intel. We have already explained the reasons behind the Celeron’s continued success in spite of the Duron’s performance superiority […]