Microsoft Fall 2018 Event Live Blog (4pm ET, 8pm UTC)

03:54PM EDT – It’s about that time of year again. It’s time for Microsoft’s fall event of 2018, imaginatively titled the ‘Oct. 2 Event’ and described in advance in just as much detail

03:56PM EDT – Unofficially, of course, Microsoft’s upcoming new Surface products are more-or-less the headliner

03:59PM EDT – Frank shaw now starting the show…

04:00PM EDT – Among the items on the docket, Modern Live services and Surface

04:01PM EDT – Now starting with the somewhat general ‘Modern Life’ segment

04:02PM EDT – All about the ‘whole life’ and saving time

04:03PM EDT – And a video rolling about a family and how they use technology

04:05PM EDT – ‘Three dynamics that shape our product strategy’

04:05PM EDT – First is the new non-9-to-5 work/life balance

04:06PM EDT – Second, a constant battle for our attention

04:06PM EDT – The biggest case-in-point, the modern smartphone

04:06PM EDT – And lastly is a desire for meaning

04:07PM EDT – Microsoft’s angle is personal productivity (naturally)

04:08PM EDT – Organizing and developing your whole life

04:08PM EDT – This comes in 5 parts. #1 is Surface

04:09PM EDT – #2 is phone/PC integration and cross-access

04:09PM EDT – #3 is saving time, and organizing your time

04:09PM EDT – (Time to start using Outlook for groceries and family dinners)

04:10PM EDT – #4 is peace of mind, basically meaning security

04:10PM EDT – As well as mitigating interruptions like hacking incidents, etc

04:10PM EDT – #5 is ‘unlock your creativity’. ‘Everyday AI brought into Office 365, Surface Pen’

04:11PM EDT – Also announcing the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, available today

04:12PM EDT – Now time for the chief product officer

04:12PM EDT – ‘Why do we make our products? It comes down to one word: people’

04:12PM EDT – ‘People who want to do more, create more’

04:13PM EDT – And now talking about ‘technology in the background’

04:14PM EDT – He wants to make a point about ‘flow’, and there’s a small video playing of his daughter playing the piano that as an example

04:15PM EDT – All the mechanics of the piano have to mold to her, etc, is what he’s saying

04:15PM EDT – ‘For people to get into their flow, the technology needs to fade into the backgroud’

04:16PM EDT – (by the way, this is not a non-contentious argument. The sheer existence of PC enthusiasts is somewhat at odds with this idea’

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