Microsoft Fall 2018 Event Live Blog (4pm ET, 8pm UTC)

03:54PM EDT – It’s about that time of year again. It’s time for Microsoft’s fall event of 2018, imaginatively titled the ‘Oct. 2 Event’ and described in advance in just as much detail 03:56PM EDT – Unofficially, of course, Microsoft’s upcoming new Surface products are more-or-less the headliner 03:59PM EDT – Frank shaw now starting […]

Best webcams 2018: the top webcams for your PC

Even if the best laptops and all-in-one computers sport built-in HD webcams in 2018, most traditional desktop PCs don’t have the same luxury. Luckily, you can pick up the best webcams for a similar, or in many cases better, experience than their laptop brethren can offer. So what’s the best webcam for you? Well, it […]

Intel Announces Q3 2017 Results

As another quarterly earnings period continues, cpu intel has announced its earnings for the third quarter of their 2017 fiscal year. Due the slowing of the PC market, Intel has begun its transition to a “Data-Centric Business” which will embrace more than just CPUs. The results have already begun to pay off, which isn’t surprising […]