Apple releases Swift’s math project

Steve Cannon, a member of the Swift standard library team, has announced the addition of Swift Numerics to the Swift open source ecosystem. This is the Numerical API for Swift, the source code hosted on GitHub, designed to quickly fill some important gaps in the existing API of the standard library and open up new […]

Apple has sought exemptions for products such as AirPods and the Apple Watch

According to a company filing with the U.S. trade representative’s office, Apple is asking the U.S. government to exempt Chinese-made AirPods, Apple watches, iPhone components and other consumer products from the 15 percent tariff that took effect Sept. 1. The Trump administration has implemented its plan to impose tariffs on imports from China, including apple’s […]

Apple rushed iOS13.2.1 for HomePod

HomePod also received a software update the day before yesterday when apple officially launched iOS 13.2. However, many HomePod users said that their devices failed to respond after the update, and apple closed the verification and troubleshooting problem. Now it seems that the problem has been solved, HomePod’s iOS 13.2.1 update arrived as scheduled last […]

Iphone can be recycled without jailbreaking!

Many people recycle android phones for apple phones, because the IOS system of apple phones is not open source, relatively safe, unless the jailbreak will be easy to attack. So apple without jailbreaking is considered a very safe product by many consumers. However, it has recently been revealed that non-jailbroken iphones are just as insecure […]