Intel 11th generation Core Tiger Lake appears in the database, single-core performance significantly improved

News on January 8 Yesterday, Intel introduced Tiger Lake at CES, saying that it will be equipped with Xe nuclear display, and AI performance will be greatly enhanced. Now, the well-known leaker APISAK found this processor’s running points on Geekbench 5. The data shows that this Tiger Lake’s system is Ubuntu 16. The system memory […]

The most cost-effective Bluetooth headset recommended, Bluetooth headset top ten brands

Since entering the era of wireless headsets, various Bluetooth headsets have emerged endlessly, and major audio manufacturers have also entered the field of Bluetooth headsets. Many well-known digital brands also occupy the market one after another. For example, JBL, BOSE, Apple, Samsung and other brands are all world-renowned companies, and these brands of Bluetooth headsets […]

OPPO Reno3 Pro brings perfect 5G new experience

Recently, multiple mobile phone manufacturers have successively launched new 5G products. On December 26, OPPO launched the long-preheated OPPO Reno3 series 5G mobile phones. From the news released at the press conference, the Reno3 series has been improved in appearance, weight, body thickness, battery life, and antenna solution. At the same time, this series has […]

What is the experience of taking a partial solar eclipse with a mobile phone? vivo X30 Pro says it’s simple

This afternoon, the only partial solar eclipse in the world has finally arrived this year. Photography enthusiasts across the country are flexing their muscles, and they have exposed their own eclipse photos on social media. Partial solar eclipse refers to when the moon moves between the earth and the sun, and the earth moves to […]